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My story

I am Alts Trader Vong, the crypto trader with 6 years experience. My story started in 2015 when I tried to mine at home. Yes, it was possible and profitable. Then a lot happened and I changed my focus to trading — one of my excellent decisions ever!

A real trader differs from a non-real one in just one thing. The real one lives from what he earned by trading. But all people, even traders, want to rest. So, I found out for myself the solution — copy trading platforms. The principle is extremely simple: you copy my trades automatically and all your assets under your control. You just give the right to make transactions on your exchange account by linking the API key.

For the profit that you get by copying my trades, you will pay me a bit. Win-win way — I earn not only directly from trading, and you, without any trading skills, can repeat all my transactions for a percentage of your profit or a small fixed fee. Start copying my strategy, great things are coming!

My Strategy Profit Graph

Only LONG. Only Alts from TOP 10 CMC. Work with STOP LOSS. TAKE PROFIT - 1-5%. 20-150% per year.

* Profit of the Alts trader Vong strategy is confirmed by Coinmatics according to Binance exchange data.

My statistics

This is my trading statistics at Coinmatics platform: rating, total profit, strategy description, total signals and etc. Btw, all the indicators are proved by independent copy trading platfrom, in our case Coinmatics.com.

  • 631.01%

    Total Profit

  • 17 mo.

    Trading Period

  • 780

    Total Signals

  • 1.49


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You can find me on this platform — Coinmatics.com. I believe that today it is the best. Just because I tested it for more than 9 months and it copies my transactions with the highest quality, that’s extremely important in my strategy. In addition, using Coinmatics is a piece of cake!

So bolder, you will succeed!

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